Work in Before Working Out

My passion for helping women with their health and wellbeing is what uplifts me. Which is why I’m writing about Working In before Working Out. I’m sharing my story as it affected my health and wellbeing as it hasn’t always been rosy.

Working in, before working out

Sometimes we have to start our health journey from Working ‘in’ not Working ‘out’. Which is how I started after a rough few years to regain my health and fitness. I met John my husband, I was 26 and just dating, John got news of testicular cancer and had a year of treatment. He thrived for another 20 years and we had our beautiful twins via Donor IVF. Life was good, we had our home, careers and children. Then John received the news he had Lung Cancer and he was on Dialysis. Our lives were turned upside down. During this time, I sought help with depression. On top of all this, our son was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. John was in and out of hospital and lost his job during the GFC. I went to work full time. We made it work but then John lost his fight.

Working from within…

Writing this still makes me incredibly sad. I don’t remember much but I knew I had to keep on being a good mum. With some wonderful help, after John’s death I started Working ‘in’ on myself. When I say working ‘in, it’s about working with what you can from inside yourself. I was tired, walking around in a cloud and dealing with increasing problems with grief and my son. First off I started accepting help from family, friends and allied health professionals. I learnt how to deal day to day and support my children and I found ‘peace’ with John dying. I started taking steps to reengage myself with life.

Working from ‘in’ to ‘out’…

I went back to the gym, I was taking my kids snow skiing. But I realised I was unfit and overweight, I had done no exercise for a year. How was I going to take 7 year old kids skiing and carrying gear! I went to a Personal Trainer with a ‘Can you get me fit to ski in 4 weeks?’ I started to feel better, definitely fitter and had more energy. And I kept going. My Trainer was great we talked nutrition and she encouraged me as I improved. The changes were huge. It was as much mentally as physically. I looked better, felt better, was eating healthy, my thoughts were clearer. Along with therapy I felt comfortable again in myself to get back out into the world.

Working out….

Now I’m in a good place. Life brings us the ups and downs but I am much better at dealing with them. To help my son I became a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certified Practitioner. We changed how we talk, think and connect to each other. He has gone from regular melt downs to a young man who is thriving and independent. 

When I met JC, I was in a place to give of myself and enjoy my family. Whilst I still work on my ‘in’ – aiming to eat well, think well, act well, I can actually work ‘out’ as well. When I do my exercise, I do it for me. and I am fitter, healthier & happier.

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