What Do We Know About The Fabulous Female Brain?

We have more control over our brain health than you may think. A truly fascinating organ. Through much of the 20th century scientists assumed women were essentially small men. Except for our reproductive functions and this has led to many misunderstandings. There is no unisex brain and as for us gaining equality maybe men need to come more towards us than us to them! So read on, this I find is really interesting.

When Louanne Brizendine M.D was at university she started to question the research. As little research has been done on the female brain. Then one day it struck her that female depression rates changed at 12-13 y.o. When girls began menstruating, it appears the changes in puberty altered the brain. From there she discovered hormones changed during different stages of life. And were affecting the females shaping of desires, values and how we perceive reality.

But not only that, the female brain changes daily and some parts of the brain 25% in a month. Most weeks of the month women are engaged, intelligent, productive and optimistic. But a shift in hormonal flood to our brains can leave us feeling bleak, hating ourselves and life. Note that as we are all different the spectrum can range from nothing to severe. Louanne then founded the Women’s Mood and Hormone Clinic at the University of California.

What they found was the female brain is deeply affected by hormones. That can be said to create a woman’s reality and are felt through every stage of life from birth.

Our diet, exercise, sleep, rest, amount of sunlight, socialising and happiness can modify our brain. The brain is where our thoughts, habits, personality and feelings are sourced from. It’s our centre for happiness, fear, motivation and energy. It’s always working even in sleep recovering, detoxing and memories being kept. It also modulates Theory of Mind, empathy and understanding and reading others. And, of course, there is the conscious and unconscious process we play out each day.

Male and female brains have proven to work differently. Our intellectual capacity is not up for question. As we learn more we can begin to understand the distinct biology and how it affects our lives. 
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