A Start of a New Chapter – The Beauty of Being a Woman

Excited to be launching EVEolution™ the revolution in Womens Wellness 

If you know me you will have heard me talking about women’s health, in fact I’m sure you have even if you’re a male! Over the past 5-6 years getting to understand my own health and wellbeing has led me down a long path of who I am. What I need to do to be strong, fit, healthy and happy. And, I would loved to have learnt this as a young teen and will be continuing to do so as a 57 year old woman facing her 60’s. As a result, my search and sense of curiosity has exposed me to many things. Including people, courses, actions and sharing of all I have learnt for anyone who wants to listen. From this a new chapter in my life is beginning. Over the next year I’ll be launching more of my Women’s Program. This fills me with a sense of excitement (and a little trepidation) beyond what I had imagined I could ever do. It is never too late so let you me tell you a little of what’s to come…

I love a story whether I’m reading it, listening to it, sharing it or telling it. AND the story I’m now going to tell is starting with what I know about Who We Are – The Beauty of Being A Woman. There are many chapters to this, I’ve been collecting, collating and writing the many things that can help us to be our most wonderful. In fitness, health & happiness – given time and a bit of effort and depending where you are on life’s journey of course!

My story will encompass many chapters and one that I’d like to introduce to you now is that of EVEolution™. As a Personal Trainer (PT) I was frustrated with the courses I did. I felt inadequate with the knowledge provided in these courses. For one, there was not one mention of training females differently to men. Something like 5% of research in fitness is about women – the other 95% is about men. But we are not small men and we have hormonal systems that cannot be compared. Our bodies and brain are wired differently and whilst we can do many of the same things as a man we should check first. Such as where we are at with our cycles, have you or have you not had children. Our pelvic floor health and our age or in my case, ageing body! This is where I first met Mish Wright the founder of EVEolution™. An educator, writer and speaker, who has a passion about women’s fitness and health that is impeccable. She too felt the same and unable to convince the industry that a topic on women was absolutely necessary. So what did she do, she went and researched it and wrote it herself! So having done some of her courses it was an obvious decision for me to help share it as an EVEolution™ Partner. To also be a thoroughly informed, passionate, educated PT for women.

Taking a little step back. My journey to here was through the changes I, and other women experience. during perimenopause and menopause and WOW what a time this can be! For all of us we are different so what we experience is different. But there are some very common experiences. Like brain fog, hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain but, did you know there are 34 known experiences we can have! For me, I experienced and still do, up to 16 of them!! No wonder my family think I’m off the planet sometimes. Then there are the women, my friends, clients and others I meet, we strike up a conversation and sooner or later we start to talk about our stories. Our thoughts about ourselves, parenting and so often our bodies. And as a PT and a woman, I am often asked and I happily share (whether asked or not!) what I know. And I do this whole heartedly because women need to share and help each other – period!

I work and teach women every day on how to gain greater health via exercise but this is only one facet to our health. Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, Relationships are also crucial pillars to your health and wellbeing. That’s why I say that exercise prescription is one of only a multitude of things my husband and I offer at ALTA Fitness. Over the past 6 years my curiosity has EXPLODED to helping others beyond fitness. The more I learnt about the female body, our hormones, our brains, our body structures, the more I wanted to learn. And importantly, to me, that I could share this every session, every day with these beautiful women. In a safe, caring environment. Ohh how I wish this was available to all women!

Taking a step forward – So here I am. I’ve spent the last 6 years jumping into the rabbit hole and each new snippet or lengthy article or book has led me to ‘My Why’. And that is to help women learn more about who we are, who YOU are, in a safe, comfortable space. And EVEolution™ is one of my chapters. I can confidently offer my services to any woman who wants to know more. More about their pelvic floor, posture, periods, postnatal. More about how to exercise to your cycle. More about our life stages through perimenopause, menopause and beyond. I am in no doubt that I am a better personal trainer. That’s why I made it to the Top 10 Finalists for Female Personal Trainer of the Year 2021 and a nominee for 2022. Something I am super proud of.

But I’ve only started. As I said earlier, I LOVE a story, I have so much more to share in this space. I am excited to be sharing and helping women throughout my future chapters. So that we can all be fitter, healthier and happier.

Linda Terlikar-Legras

Personal Trainer, Fitness & Wellness Coach, Woman & A Mum!

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