What is being fit to you?

What does fitter mean to you? Maybe you’re starting on a base of zero when it comes to exercise or at the other end of the spectrum you’re an athlete training for an event. Or maybe being fitter to you is not getting so puffed going up the stairs or being fitter to do a 10k walk or run.

As a Personal Trainer I’m coming from the point of being physically fit (which in turn does help our mental fitness). Exercise is crucial to our health – full stop. It takes effort – big or small depending on you and what you get from it. It takes your commitment to yourself in time and it is wonderful when the exercise bug hits you and it feels as though no effort required because you love it!

And this is what I want for you – for exercise to become just a part of you, part of your day or days of the week. I’ll be honest when I was young I did not think of myself as sporty and it was only when I was 35 I decided to get fit at the gym for a 10 day hike in New Zealand – and there it began. From there to joining a running club (I hated running, still don’t love it but do it!) then triathlons before kids. After kids I dabbled with various gyms and then when my husband passed away (10 years now 🙁 ) I was sooo unfit. Taking my two, then 7 year olds, skiing I started Personal Training for myself and have never looked back. Exercise for me is no effort at all, I love it and the benefits of being stronger, having energy, endurance – Well I LOVE IT!!!

So from here I just want you to think about what exercise is for you, or could be for you wherever you’re at – and hey let me know I’d love to hear what it is for you.

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