The Four Pillars of Wellness for Women

The four pillars of wellness and the balance of these are the roadmap to health, wellness and understanding more about ourselves and how we can view them to live a full life. Physical & Mental are masculine based – the doing and accomplishing and the Spiritual & Emotional are feminine based this is integrate us with our experiences and feelings.

I find myself in the masculine role quite often and there are times I know that I need to back off, I come a bit over bearing, even to myself! I like to remind myself of these four pillars of wellness, to remind myself to connect with who I am and how these can be affected if my balance is out.

The Spiritual Body

This is where our values and beliefs are held, expressed and/or transformed. It’s our connection to all things earth & self. It is not about religion, culture or spirits its about feeling connected with all, our souls, our life experiences, our destiny.

The Mental  Body

Our thoughts (internal dialogue) attitude, judgements & prejudices – constructive or destructive. It is our intellectual and cognitive skills, how we learn, process information, focus, clarity  utilizing how to challenge and expand our knowledge and contributions to creating and our society.

The Physical Body

Our skin, our brains, our organs, skeleton, facia, blood, cells, limbic system and all that makes up our body. The 12 biological and physiological functions that keep us alive. We usually know when our physical body is hurt, happy, full or not full, or healthy. The signs are also visible and recognisable most of the time.

The Emotional Body

It represents our feelings and relationships, how we cope, react, interpret to situations and life’s circumstances based on our values and beliefs and the different sides to all stories.

Sources include: Sara Gustafson CHN, CEC, HLC3 & Paul Chek, Founder Chek Institute,  Holistic Health & Performance for Women

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