EVEolution™ Partner

Welcome to EVEolution™ I am so proud to be an affiliated partner of EVEolution™ and all that it stands for. To be able to share this wonderful course and know I am trained to help women is my sincere aim. It’s not only about exercise, but to also foster your health and wellbeing. With small sustainable changes and knowledge to lead you through life.

But what is EVEolution™? This is a revolutionary course designed to educate women. So that you can step through life confidently and empowered. You will discover through each module the natural processes of your body. Whether it is reproductive, menstrual or hormonal. Also, including pre & post natal and perimenopausal & menopausal. And how to navigate through exercise safely no matter your stage or even time of month.

I’m a woman in her 50’s and going through menopause had me going into a deep dive. I experienced changes and had no knowledge of what to expect. Except seeing how my mother navigated through this time. And my journey has not been easy. And with a teenage daughter who I knew one day would be going through the same, I wanted her to be educated. Along with all my beautiful female clients. Then I found EVEolution™ and I am so pleased! Being informed and ready to help women know what to expect and give them the best service I am sharing what I know. From one female to another, is something I am really passionate about.

But this course is not just for me it is for any women who are curious. Who want to know more about our hormones, pelvic floor and more. Whether it is for you personally, or if like me, who wants my daughter, my friends or my clients to be better informed. Then here is a beautiful course that you will never regret taking.

There are 6 modules and each one is relevant even if you have passed through this stage of life. You will understand more about yourself as a woman and we want you to share this with all the women you care about.

You can jump in right here to meet Mish Wright the Founder & Developer of EVEolution™. An Awarded Educator of the Year 2021 by AUSActive, Australia’s foremost fitness body. Mish has challenged the industry! With the lack of information and on training females she designed her own.

Module 1

This is where you start. Because everything you need to understand about your changing female body (period hormones, age, pregnancy, postnatal) is found right here. Get this right and you can understand how to repair DRAM, protect your pelvic floor and stay active. This is for all women no matter your diversity. For life!


Module 2

Dodgy pelvic floor? You are not alone. If you are leaking you 1 in 3. Prolapse – notch that up to 50% of postnatal women. Rather than hide your head under the duvet, we have the all the small actions that add up. In YOUR favour. BONUS CHEAT SHEET to take to your women’s health physiotherapist appointment.

Module 3

This is where the rubber meets the road! We don’t need to use our pelvic floor when we are on the physiotherapist bed. We need our pelvic floor to turn on when we are at the gym, or just doing the every day things. Walking / running
Lifting stuff – this could be kids / grandkids. Whatever activity floats your boat! Our goal is that you remain active. For life!

Module 4

If you are not harnessing the power of your menstrual cycle… then you my friend are missing out. Working out your menstrual cycle or what could be wrong with it, is vital to all menstruating women. Learn how more about your period and how it is your friend not your foe. Not menstruating? That’s ok… there is still gold here for you!

Module 5

Of course all women need special care when pregnant. But did you know that this changes with each trimester. Many women post birth, don’t get accurate information, or just think they are going to naturally weather the postnatal storm! Education is the key that your body will thank you for the rest of your life.

  • Way past having babies? Or not in your life path?
    Don’t skip this because we help you help others
    when they experience Late miscarriage + still birth
    and birth trauma.

Module 6

Menopause may be in your near or far future, regardless understanding what is ok and what is not – is key to you managing it with ease. Everything changes. Particularly how you approach exercise. The strategies you had in
the past… absolutely need updating. We share everything from HRT to navigating the work place. Don’t be ageist. This stuff is for all women.

I was in denial about my bladder problems because I’ve never been pregnant/given birth and felt ashamed that I was experiencing occasional leaking and constantly needing to wee. Module 2 taught me that there are multiple causes of pelvic floor issues and that I needed professional help. The material contains a great resource about what to expect and consider when consulting a pelvic health physio. This is information that all women need to know.

— Kate 55yo

I’ve been fit and active my whole life. But pregnancy and what came after that really threw me. I had such a weak pelvic floor during pregnancy and was so scared of wetting myself when I vomited. But no one told me I could do something about it! The EVEolution™ course has been such an eye opener into what was happening then and the things I need to think about when training now.

— Sierra 38yo