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If you’re curious and want to know more about your hormones and pelvic floor from puberty to menopause.

Hi, I’m Linda Terlikar-Legras

Sharing stories and helping women to live healthy, long lives is my passion. It is never one thought, action or achievement that makes us whole. But it often starts with one that becomes many to build the life you want. If you’re not living the way you want then this could be your place to start. I help busy women lay a strong foundation for ageing well, through their 40’s, 50’s and beyond.


  • Dry Vagina Anyone?

    I find this not the easiest of conversations, perhaps because when I was growing up, for one mum didn’t tell me about periods or sex, found out mostly through girlfriends – or experience!!! It was a bit of taboo in our house – today it is quite different in my house as I don’t want… Read more

  • When we eat healthy, the healthier we are!

    Did you know that women who try to make their lifestyle as healthy as they can, appear not to have as many menopausal symptoms? – I read this the other day and it was like of course! You know, I know it. The healthier we eat the healthier we are – full stop. I know… Read more

  • Is a Frozen Shoulder Linked to Menopause?

    To date it is not scientifically proven that there is a link between menopause and frozen shoulder. But there is scientifically not a lot from the some 100 symptoms (noted by Andrea Donsky) that what happens to us during peri/menopause that is linked! And I for one, had a very close call for a frozen… Read more

  • The Four Pillars of Wellness for Women

    The four pillars of wellness and the balance of these are the roadmap to health, wellness and understanding more about ourselves and how we can view them to live a full life. Physical & Mental are masculine based – the doing and accomplishing and the Spiritual & Emotional are feminine based this is integrate us with… Read more

  • Perimenopause & Menopause Masterclass

    Starts Monday 7th August 2023, 7-8pm 6 weeks $97 Learn how to confidently take charge of your health and wellbeing and your changing body in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond to age well. If you are in perimenopause or menopause and you want to know more about how to confidently take charge or your health… Read more

  • The Art of Self Care

    What is self care? Well this is sort of a tricky one to answer as we all care for ourselves in different ways. But in correct terms it is taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically without the need of others but also it maybe recognising you need help from others such as family, friends… Read more

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