Discover more about the cycles and chapters of a woman’s life.

If you’re curious and want to know more about your hormones and pelvic floor from puberty to menopause.

Hi, I’m Linda Terlikar-Legras

Sharing stories and helping women to live healthy, long lives is my passion. It is never one thought, action or achievement that makes us whole. But it often starts with one that becomes many to build the life you want. If you’re not living the way you want then this could be your place to start. I help busy women lay a strong foundation for ageing well, through their 40’s, 50’s and beyond.


  • Can good nutrition make you feel better during menopause?

    Yes, absolutely! There is so much to discuss around this topic and can’t all be said here, in this article today. But I’ll start with a little of what I have learnt and phew what we women go through, it can be a blessing and a curse! Now do not turn off yet, it may well affect you as… Read more

  • How to not let people underestimate you or your fitness.

    It’s always interesting when someone says to you “Oh I’m surprised you have done so well”. Ouch! I’m sure it was to be a compliment but it translates to “Oh I didn’t think you were that good!” Have you had that before? Someone underestimates you or you are overlooked? I was reading an article about this… Read more

  • Making Intentions for your Session or is it Making Your Session an Intention?

    I hear often before a yoga or mediation session to make an intention. An intention of what I’d like to get from the session. An intention in this sense is a directed impulse of consciousness to the thought of what you like to create. Well that is how I’m interpreting it. For example my intention may be to feel… Read more

  • A Start of a New Chapter – The Beauty of Being a Woman

    Excited to be launching EVEolution™ the revolution in Womens Wellness  If you know me you will have heard me talking about women’s health, in fact I’m sure you have even if you’re a male! Over the past 5-6 years getting to understand my own health and wellbeing has led me down a long path of… Read more

  • What Do We Know About The Fabulous Female Brain?

    We have more control over our brain health than you may think. A truly fascinating organ. Through much of the 20th century scientists assumed women were essentially small men. Except for our reproductive functions and this has led to many misunderstandings. There is no unisex brain and as for us gaining equality maybe men need… Read more

  • Work in Before Working Out

    My passion for helping women with their health and wellbeing is what uplifts me. Which is why I’m writing about Working In before Working Out. I’m sharing my story as it affected my health and wellbeing as it hasn’t always been rosy. Working in, before working out Sometimes we have to start our health journey… Read more

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